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Not about Hugo and Kim.....about Jenny! What's the word? Hummingbird.


In Other News...

You really ought to see Jen do some stand-up.  She'd like to think it would benefit and behoove you. For details on upcoming shows, tap the mic below, and follow her on Instagram @theschempire. 

Tap the magic mic for stand up comedy dates!

Look for Jen Schem as "Gidget", the excessively jovial laughter therapist on Season 1 of Brandon Rogers' critically acclaimed series "Magic Funhouse" and as "Mama Gladys", the horrifying farm matron, on Season 2, streaming on Amazon and iTunes.  Make sure to watch all the way through the final credits of each episode for a special treat!  


artwork: @natizard

Hosting the "Magic Funhouse" panel at the 2018 Los Angeles Comic Con!

If you love Brandon Rogers, see Jennifer as  mustachioed "Sir Mr. Billman" in his Facebook Watch series, "Stuff and Sam",  and as fro-stachioed Mary Potter in "Darlene is Spiritual", and "A Day at The Beach".  Jennifer was recently lauded for her work in "Stuff and Sam" by the cashier at the Dole Pineapple stand at Disneyland's "Enchanted Tiki Room."  That felt good.

Hosting the 33rd Arty Awards, honoring excellence in theatre in Napa and Solano Counties. 

When coloring Jen Jen, feel free to go outside the lines!  This coloring book, and other super fresh "Magic Funhouse" merch is available at  The enamel pins are mui adorbs.

Great Emmy-Nominee Party red carpet moments with Emmy-Nominee (and fellow Groundlings alum & writing partner & friend) Naomi Grossman.

On Hulu as "Esther Feinberg" in the ABC Television remake of "Dirty Dancing!" She wore the most fabulous 60's updos! 

At the premiere of "Jersey Boys", starring Mark Ballas, at the Ahmanson Theatre/Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles, May 2017. Photo courtesy of

Last but not least, a moment during which Jennifer had the sensation of prismatic golden glitter dancing through her veins. Why? Because that's her with Michelle Visage and Ru Paul, and their Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent are pretty much responsible for how Jenna Got Her Groove Back.

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